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Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS™

Need for Beads

Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS™

MACS technology uses superparamagnetic particles that are coupled to highly specific monoclonal antibodies.  They are used to magnetically label target cell populations.  A strong magnetic field collects the cells on a column, then the unlabeled cells are gently washed off and collected.  The field is turned off, then the labeled cells are collected.  Both labeled and unlabeled populations can be collected in 30 minutes or less with high purity and viability.  Almost any cell type can be isolated with ease and reproducibility.

Services available on the autoMACS:

  • Positive selection cell sorting/purification.
  • Negative selection cell sorting/purification.

Scheduling and Sample Preparation:

  • Signups are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please contact staff from Dr. David Shepherd’s lab for use and instruction.

Publication Acknowledgement Request (Click Here)

  • We would appreciate a reprint of your publications.