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  • Assistance in experimental design, data analysis and developing new methods is available by appointment with the Staff Scientist.


                               Charge-Back Rates


Rate per hour

FACSAria Independent


FACSAria Assisted


FACSAria Sort


FACSAria Data Analysis


FACSAria Data Analysis Assisted


FACSAria Training




Attune Independent


Attune Assisted


Attune Data Analysis


Attune Data Analysis Assisted


Attune Training




iCys Independent


iCys Assisted


iCys Unattended Scan (tissues)


iCys Data Analysis


iCys Data Analysis Assisted


iCys Training



Usage will be billed monthly on an hourly basis (in 15 minute increments.) Only time used will be billed, not time reserved.  Consistent over-booking of time will be handled on an individual basis.  Cancellations less than 24 hours will be billed for the full time reserved.

Staff Scientist will back up and archive data weekly to CD’s or the network.  Investigators wanting their own copy of files on CD shall bring their own CD and arrange a time with facilitator to copy.

Investigators will be allowed to operate independently only after Staff Scientist or Core Director has certified completion of training.  (Training involves approximately 12 hours time with about half done independently and the other half billable with Core operator instruction/supervision.)  Independent User status is only available to frequent, capable users.  All cell sorting at this time will be Operator assisted.

The iCys Unattended Scan rate is only for large tissue scans that run unattended after a minimum of 2 hours of set up time (either Independent or Assisted).

Analysis time is billable in order to offset costs for software, computer equipment, data storage devices and printers.  

Rates are to be reviewed yearly by an Internal Advisory Committee.  Rates are based on the operating costs of the Core (salaries, supplies, service contracts), instrument usage, and rates at similar facilities.  Services will be billed on a monthly basis.

Rev 2017