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Life Technologies Attune NxT™

Go With the Flow

Attune NxT

The Life Technologies Attune NxT is a 4-laser, 15 filter set flow cytometer that provides multi-color analysis.  The Attune uses acoustic focusing to center the cells of interest in the stream, which offers the advantage of producing high resolution at high flow rates.  This is important for such studies as Cell Cycle or DNA measurements.  The high flow rates plus software designed for larger data files also make this instrument a leader in collecting data for rare events.

Optical Light Configuration

Optical Light Configuration of Attune NxT

By knowing the optical configuration of the instrument you can choose what fluorochromes or dyes will be detected.  Besides the common ones listed, you can use one of the on-line spectral viewers or product inserts to find the excitation/emission wavelengths of the fluorochome in question.  Then you compare these curves to the above configuration to see how likely detection will be and how much spectral overlap to expect.

To view the online spectral viewer please click on the following links:

BD Spectral Viewer

Invitrogen Spectral Viewer

BioLegend Specral Viewer

eBioscience Spectral Viewer

Services available on the Attune:

  • Single or multi-color cellular analysis (phenotyping, intracellular staining, etc.)

  • DNA/Cell cycle analysis

Scheduling and Sample Preparation:

  • Signups are on a first-come, first-served basis, scheduled on an on-line calendar.  Please consult with Core Staff before your first visit.
  • Samples need to be brought in 5 ml polystyrene tubes (Falcon 352052, VWR Order # 60819-138.)  For sticky or clumpy cells, samples should be filtered prior to running.  We recommend using 35um filter top tubes (Falcon 352235, VWR order# 21008-948.)
  • Prepare appropriate controls including negatives, single stained controls for compensation, isotypes and/or FMO’s (Fluorescence Minus One), as well as biological controls.  If in doubt, please consult with Core staff on experiment design.

Publication Acknowledgement Request (Click Here)

  • We would appreciate a reprint of your publications.