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Research Emphasis

The researchers at the Center for Environmental Health Sciences are continually adding to the world's knowledge of Environmental Health through their varied experiments.

Research Emphasis Categories at the Center for Environmental Health Sciences at the University of MontanaCNS: DNA Damage, Autophagocytosis, and Parkinson's Nanotechnology Epigenetics: environment, diet, susceptibility Gastrointestinal Lung: Gases and Particles, Asthma, Fibrosis, Cancer Systemic Immune Genetics: Cancer, Lung Disease Epidemiology

The overall research mission of CEHS is to improve human health through a better understanding of the impacts of environmental agents in causing or exacerbating diseases. Furthermore, a mechanism or point of interaction for all CEHS investigators relates to inflammation as illustrated in the figure above. This research mission and understanding of the common role of inflammation brings the faculty together.

These commonalities serve to:

  1. Increase the competitiveness for multiple-PI grants and programmatic grants including program projects, center grants, and training grants.
  2. Facilitate development of programmatic approaches that generate cohesion and common approaches for multi-PI projects with convergent and complementary expertise.
  3. Promote multi-pronged approaches for collaborative efforts to increased joint publications that facilitate multi-PI grant applications.
  4. Facilitate partnerships with outside collaborators to advance the overall research theme.

Research Focus Areas