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Facility Cores

The University of Montana is fortunate to house state-of-the-art bio-medical research equipment as well as trained scientific expertise. If you are conducting research, we may have equipment that can facilitate your project.

The mission of the Fluorescence Cytometry Core is to provide state of the art research instrumentation utilizing fluorescence labeling of cells and tissues as well as scientific expertise to UM researchers to aid them in their efforts to unravel disease processes to ultimately benefit human health.

The Molecular Histology and Fluorescence Imaging Core is dedicated to assisting researchers within the department, the University of Montana, and across the state of Montana with projects involving the identification, visualization, and localization of proteins in cells and tissue. The purpose of The MHFI core is to provide the resources to prepare tissue for histological and immunohistochemical staining.

The mission of the Inhalation and Pulmonary Physiology Core is to provide accessible state-of-the-art facilities, services, and expertise for inhalation exposure to well characterized concentrations of gases and particles, pulmonary function measurements, and general surgical procedures to CEHS, UM and extramural investigators.