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Epidemiology & Exposure

Yoon Hee Cho, Ph.D. (Cancer, Epigenetics, Epidemiology)

  • Defining the relationship of DNA methylation patterns to breast cancer to identify biomarkers and mechanisms
  • Impacts of dietary factors on epigenetic regulation affecting susceptibility to cancer and inflammation
  • DNA repair gene polymorphism and role of epigenetic changes affecting susceptibility to exposure to gases and particles

Curtis Noonan, Ph.D. (Epidemiology, Epigenetics and Diet, Asthma)

  • Impact of in-home interventions on the quality of life and breathing function of asthmatic children living in woodstove homes
  • Collecting data on pregnant women and neonates to investigate the influence/risk of respiratory disease via epigenetic events on gene promoter sites relevant to inflammatory pathways
  • Impact of acute exposures to biomass smoke on cognitive function

Tony Ward, Ph.D. (Exposures, Lung Gases and Particles, Epidemiology)

  • Investigate the pulmonary and systemic effects of woodstove smoke exposures on mice and humans
  • Investigate the organic fraction of woodstove smoke to look for new urinary or exhaled breath condensate biomarker candidates
  • Collaborate with Dr. Chris Migliaccio to investigate PM2.5 and coarse PM samples collected in Missoula for mouse/cell studies