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Genetics: Cancer, Lung Disease

Howard Beall, Ph.D. (Cancer, ROS)

  • Evaluating the role of NQO1 in the bioreductive activation of novel antitumor quinones that are structurally similar to naturally occurring anticancer compounds
  • Testing the potential of aryl isoxazole amides, or AIMs, which interact with a novel molecular target, telomeric G-quadruplex (G4) DNA as malignant glioma anticancer agents
  • Inflammatory mediators and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in response to arsenic exposure affecting atherosclerosis and vascular development

Mark Pershouse, Ph.D. (Cancer and Genetics, CBPR)

  • Role of tumor suppressor genes in various human cancer models (mesotheliomas and human meningiomas)
  • Community Based Participatory Research and educational efforts on cancer predisposition in American Indian populations and genetic studies to allow prediction of chemotherapy drug response
  • Cancer genetics in model systems and human samples with the development of new access to clinical tumor specimens through existing collaborators

Elizabeth Putnam, Ph.D. (Cancer and Genetics, Lung Fibrosis and Particulates, CBPR)

  • Control of protein production related to lung fibrosis and role of the SPARC gene in airway remodeling
  • Pharmacogenomics in underserved and rural populations
  • Gene-environment interactions in the development of asbestos related diseases in Libby, MT

Erica Woodahl, Ph.D. (Cancer and Genetics, CBPR)

  • Pharmacogenomics in drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters to understand inter-individual variability in drug response and toxicity