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Systemic Immune

Zeina Jaffar, Ph.D. (Lung: Gases & Particles; Systemic Immune)

  • The use of cannabinoid agonists as novel therapeutic agents in suppressing allergic airway inflammation in a mouse model of asthma
  • The role of innate immunity in ozone-induced lung inflammation and asthma exacerbations
  • The role of iNKT cells in the development of allergic lung inflammation

Chris Migliaccio, Ph.D. (Lung: gases & Particles; Epigenetics; Systemic Immune)

  • The effects of inhaled particles on pulmonary immunity and the regulation of inflammatory responses
  • The effects of diet and environmental exposures on immune regulation and pulmonary functions via epigenetic changes
  • Environmental changes to macrophage populations and the subsequent immune dysregulation of inflammatory responses

Kevan Roberts, Ph.D. (Lung: Gases & Particles; Systemic Immune)

  • The use of PGI2 and its analogs to regulate allergic airway inflammation in a mouse model of asthma
  • The role of IL-17 producing innate T cells and pentraxin-2 in resolving allergic lung inflammation
  • The use of S-nitroglutathione reductase (GSNOR) inhibitors to limit allergic lung inflammation

Dave Shepherd, Ph.D. (Systemic Immune, GI, Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

  • Role of AhR activation in dendritic cells and the induction of systemic immune suppression
  • Role of AhR activation in the gut and consequent regulation of gut inflammation and colitis
  • Influence of nanomaterials on gut homeostasis and inflammation
  • Therapeutic potential of carbon nanospheres on the induction of protective immunity in gut mucosa

Scott Wetzel, Ph.D. (Systemic Immune)

  • Impact of the herbicide Atrazine on the activation and differentiation of FoxP3+ CD4+ regulatory T cells
  • Effects of Atrazine on antigen presenting cell phenotype and effector functions in the context of inflammation
  • Examining the biological consequences of trogocytosis in lymphocyte activation and control of immune responses