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RS 2000 Irradiator

Rad Source RS 2000 Small Animal Irradiator

RX2000 Irradiator

The RS 2000 X-ray Biological Irradiator from Rad Source Technologies, Inc. is a stand-alone irradiator capable of irradiating both mice and cell suspensions. This irradiator is an alternative to cesium and cobalt irradiators and the lack of a radioactive source creates a safer research environment with a substantially reduced regulatory burden. This irradiator allows researchers to generate chimeras and examine the molecular mechanisms of disease. This provides a powerful tool in evaluating the role of specific molecules and cells in disease progression that can’t easily be duplicated. The irradiation occurs in a filtered chamber environment preventing cross-contamination issues. This irradiator also allows for the irradiation of cell suspensions that can be used for in vitro studies.

For more information, visit the Rad Source website.