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Buxco Resistance/Compliance

Buxco R/C

The capabilities of this instrument are extensive. The primary function of this equipment for our laboratory is to measure lung resistance and dynamic compliance. Lung resistance is the amount of obstruction in the lungs, also reflected by the narrowing of airways. This is important in pulmonary disease such as asthma. The other measurement we are interested in is dynamic compliance, which is also known as the amount of elasticity in the lungs. This is typically influenced by smooth muscle contraction and the surface tension. Compliance is characterized by tissue restructuring and is important in diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis.

This instrument also provides:

  • basic respiratory measurements (tidal volume, inspiratory and expiratory times)
  • relaxation time
  • changes in lung volumes between inspiration and expiration

Buxco FinePointe analysis software

We are currently using FinePointe software for R/C data analysis.