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Policies and Procedures


  • Assisted Operators:  Those who want to utilize Core instrumentation, but need operator assistance.  This category is recommended for most users who will utilize the instrument less than four times per month.

  • Independent Operators:  Those who will use the instrument with continued frequency and demonstrate a strong desire to receive formal instruction.  In order to be qualified as an independent operator, a checklist of training modules must be completed and verified by the Staff Scientist or the Facility Director. They vary in length depending on the complexity of the instrument chosen.


  • Facility personnel must be notified of potential biohazards prior to scheduling and prior to running samples.
  • Facility personnel must be notified of any human samples.
  • Human samples or potential biohazard samples should be fixed, if possible.
  • The facility accepts only biohazard levels 1 and 2.


  • Sterilization is required after any potential biohazard run.  Sterilization time is billable.
  • Sterilization is required for sorts in which cells will be used for cell culture.  Prior notice must be given and 1 hour will be allotted and billed for sterilization.  We recommend adding antibiotics to your media.