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Graduate Studies

The faculty of the CEHS within the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Chemistry offer training in molecular and cellular toxicology for the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees. Funding has been provided by the following mechanisims: COBRE, teaching and research assistantships, and individual fellowships.

Students who have graduated from our program have gone on to work and study at institutions including the National Institutes of Health, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and several universities including the UCSF School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Areas of research emphasis include:

More details can be found in our Graduate Studies brochure, degree and course requirements, and the research descriptions of the faculty.


The research facilities within the CEHS are state-of-the-art with dedicated staff scientists available for providing training in novel technologies. Planned expansion and continual addition of new faculty further enhance the overall research environment and national status of all investigators and trainees.

The friendly, collaborative nature of the faculty facilitates students and faculty to concentrate on learning and research. The graduate program emphasizes one-on-one faculty-student interactions.

Extensive research and graduate training funding along with the research facilities provide students with overall resources to conduct research at the highest levels. This combined with the unique environment of living in the beautiful Western Montana mountain region form a training environment that is rich and rewarding.