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Career in Environmental Health Through Summer Research Experiences

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NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The Center for Environmental Health Sciences (CEHS) at The University of Montana has had an active high school and undergraduate training program to help prepare students for graduate training and a research career. Through a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) funded through NCRR, CEHS has established a strong partnership with local high schools in environmental science education. The STEER program will serve as a bridge between the SEPA goals and increasing the number of motivated students wanting to pursue a career in Environmental Health Science research. The overall goal of the STEER training plan is to provide a stimulating educational environment for high school and undergraduate students through a combination of didactic, group learning and hands-on basic research experiences that will encourage these students to pursue careers in Environmental Health Sciences (toxicology). This will be accomplished through the following aims:
Aim 1: To provide an interactive educational experience through an entry level didactic course in toxicology combined with integrated group learning activities and group appropriate seminars.
Aim 2: To provide training in bench research in Environmental Heath Sciences working in laboratories of successful investigators and their groups.
Aim 3: To conduct objective evaluation of all aspects of the training program to effect continuous improvement and document success of the program.
Aim 4: To train a significant number of Native American students during the 5-year tenure of the program.