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Jameson Boslough

Jameson Boslough with SURP mentors Dr. Christopher Migliaccio and Forrest Jessop

Jameson Boslough with SURP mentors Dr. Christopher Migliaccio and Forrest Jessop

School: University of Montana, Missoula
Major: Microbiology
Current Year in College: Sophomore
Mentors: Christopher Migliaccio and Forrest Jessop
Project: Macrophage Phenotypes and Autophagy Activation

School Awards/Honors

  • Presidential Leadership Scholarship
  • National Merit Scholar
AP Scholar

  • Dean’s list – 4 semesters

Extracurricular Activities

  • Algebra and Geometry Tutor
  • 1000 New Garden’s Co-President
  • Coffee2Compost Volunteer

About Jameson
My interest in this summer program is the opportunity to contribute and learn about the processes and functions behind human health and our relationship to the environment. Past projects undertaken at the CEHS, such as those investigating the pathophysiology of asthma, sparked my interest as they not only investigate biological and chemical processes, but also include the potential to improve lives through research.

As an aspiring microbiologist I hope to apply my knowledge and skills to further our understanding of human health and the role microbes play in our lives. As a native Montanan, I’ve always appreciated the role of the environment in shaping our lives and our health. The summer program at the Center offers an incredible opportunity to integrate these aspects in a lab setting. This summer I’ll be working with Chris Migliaccio on bone marrow-derived macrophages as a model for studying the role of autophagy in particle-induced inflammation. Research is a new experience for me, but one I’m excited to take part in and learn as much as I can.

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