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UM Graduate Students Play Integral Roles in Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting

CEHS Graduate Students Forrest Jessop and Traci Brown at Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, March 2014

Left: CEHS Graduate student Forrest Jessop presents his poster at SOT 2014
Right: CEHS Graduate student Traci Brown and her Tox ShowDown team at SOT 2014

This March at the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, two UM graduate students, Traci Brown and Forrest Jessop, working with the Center for Environmental Health Sciences in UM’s Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences excelled in research presentation and leadership.

For the past year, CEHS graduate student Traci Brown served as Chair of the Graduate Student Leadership Committee for the Society of Toxicology.  She organized the Graduate Student/PostDoc mixer to kick off the conference, with nearly 400 attendees. During the event Traci presented the Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership award and announced winners of the YouTox Video Challenge.    

Traci also hosted the Graduate Student/PostDoctoral Symposium on NeuroImmune Crosstalk featuring a mix of experts and graduate students speaking on the subject.  She presented her own data, titled “The Effect of Obesity on Lung Inflammation after Asbestos Exposure,” during a Platform Presentation entitled Autoimmunity/Hypersensitivity to Environmental Contaminants on the last day of the conference.

In addition, Traci organized an event called “Chat With An Expert” where students attending the conference were matched and met with an expert of their choosing based on their background and area of expertise.  There were over 120 experts in Toxicology that participated, and approximately 200 students attended.  She also competed and came in first place as part of the Free Radicals Team at the Tox ShowDown, a game show where contestants are asked questions about Toxicology.  

CEHS graduate student Forrest Jessop presented a poster titled the “Role of HMGB1 and Autophagy in Regulating Inflammation Caused by Carbon Nanotube Exposure.” This study was well received, and Jessop was also presented with an Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the SOT Nanotoxicology Specialty Section. This award recognizes graduate students who contribute excellent research and merit in the field of Nanotoxicology.

At this meeting, Forrest was also recognized for his contributions to the Medical Device Specialty Section as the outgoing graduate student representative.  Additionally, he was re-elected for another year term as secretary of the Graduate Student Executive Committee-Programming Subcommittee.

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