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Seasonal Pollen Reports

The University of Montana’ s Center for Environmental Health Sciences operates the only pollen count station in the state of Montana.

Average pollen counts for the week of 3/27-4/3/14:
Trees: 13, Low (Seeing a mix of Alder, Maple, Juniper, Poplar, Birch, Ash and Oak)
Weeds: 0, Absent
Grass: 0, Absent

       Emily showing the pollen station to educators
Emily showing the pollen station to educators

Certified by the National Allergy Bureau, it serves the entire Northern Rocky Mountain region. Pollen grains are counted from March through October of every year. Counts are reported once a week by certified counter Emily Weiler who has been working the station for four years.


Commonly found types of Pollen:
Trees: Oak, Pine, Alder, Ash, Juniper, Poplar, Cottonwood, Maple, and Willow
Assorted Weeds and Grasses

What happens at a pollen station?

  • Pollen is collected using a 7-day Burkard Pollen & Spore Sampler located on the roof of the Skaggs Pharmacy Building.
  • After assembling microscope slides, each slide is analyzed under a microscope and the type and amount of each grain is recorded.
  • Pollen counts are then reported to allergists in Missoula, Bozeman and Great Falls, The Weather Channel,, and KPAX.
  • Counts are also uploaded to the National Allergy Bureau site

Tours of the station are available to classes and interested civilians. Emily loves introducing people to the world of pollen! Please contact Emily Weiler via email ( or telephone (406-243-4055) to arrange a tour.

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